Information for Applicants

Notes for applications:

The Foundation is only able to support girls and women of modest means in Coventry, or connected to Coventry Quaker Meeting.

The Foundation’s trustees are drawn from the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and Coventry Councillors.

The principal meeting of the trustees is held in July of each year with additional meetings as required. The foundation is able to distribute between £9,000 and £12,000 each year.

Trustees prefer to encourage those taking lower levels of education and only rarely assist beyond first degree level. The study may be away from Coventry but the connection with the city is a key requirement. The assistance for primary and secondary school pupils may be for uniform, educational visits, or regular expenditure on smaller items such as a bus pass if this is not provided.

Applicants over the age of 17 should ask two referees to send a reference by post or email to the clerk to support their applications. For applicants under the age of 17, a school teacher or other person supporting the family may make application on the girl’s behalf, and the reference provided should be a signed statement by that person as to the need and the benefit for the student, either on the space on the form or on a separate sheet or email.

After considering the application all applicants are informed of the outcome. Successful applicants may be required to supply a letter of confirmation of starting their course before payments are made.

Applications may also be made on behalf of groups for example by a teacher or group leader for suitable educational activities.

An invitation from the Trustees.

We love to hear of your successes and how a grant has helped you. Please write and tell us.

Also if you are able to show your gratitude by making a donation later on in your life, so that we may help more people who are in the position that you were in a while ago, that is especially appreciated. You might also like to include the foundation in your will. It was originally founded from Bridget Soothern’s estate and later augmented from the Craner estate. As a registered charity we are able to benefit from Gift Aid so that can make your contribution even bigger! 

Thank you in anticipation. The Trustees