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Soothern and Craner Educational Foundation 

Registered Charity No.528838 

The purpose of the Trust is: 

The furtherance of education or vocational training for girls or young women living in the city of Coventry. 

The Trust is a Quaker foundation, originating in the mid-eighteenth century, but grants are in no way limited to Quakers, and are available to all girls or young women living within the city of Coventry. Trustees of the charity, drawn from local Quakers and Coventry City Councillors, wish to encourage the uptake of grants to assist with girls’ education. 

Applications may be made by individual girls or their families, or by the school on behalf of individuals or a group of female pupils, or by other relevant organisations. Girls or young women are normally aged under 30 years on first application. 

Typical requests cover: school uniform, sports kit, trips and excursions, specialist equipment (eg: for art or music courses). In particular cases we may consider applications for help with daily travel, or with computer equipment. Other needs, such as course fees, may also be considered, providing that they come under the rubric of ‘education’. 

In the case of individual applications, brief details of parents’ income, outgoings and circumstances will need to be supplied. If insufficient information is supplied on the application form, further details will be requested by the Trustees. 

A school may apply, by letter, for a block grant to cover some or all of the costs for a certain number of girls in need of help, for instance, for a class field trip to Dol-y-Moch, or some other outing or activity organised by the school. 

Application forms may be found on the "Information for Applicants" page linked above.
Any questions should be emailed to the Clerk to the Trustees

Applications may be made at any time of year, but if the school has regular annual events for which it would require financial assistance, it would be helpful if such applications were submitted in June for the following school year. That does not in any way exclude applications for the current school year. 

Applications may be submitted electronically or on paper.

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